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Residential & commercial property developer in adelaide

As specialised residential and commercial builders and property developers in Adelaide, we are happy to design, create and deliver complete turnkey solutions, or can come in and help you at any stage of your building or housing project.  Pellegrino Constructions have a trusted and highly experienced team of real estate agents, council planning experts, town-planning specialists, building designers and architectural and engineering professionals who all work together to ensure that we will maximise the value of your site.

We can work within all budgets and lifestyles and can help you as a full building manager offering designs and construction services, a head contractor or a project manager.

house building Concepts & Ideas

Have a piece of land or property you want to develop? Have an existing home you want to redevelop, demolish or rebuild? Have a site that can be sub-divided but not sure about how to do it?

Pellegrino Constructions would be happy to work with you to generate building concepts and ideas to develop the site or home.  We will listen to your needs and your ideas, and create initial sketches and drawings,  inform you about current planning regulations, show you options for single homes or multiple dwellings and advise you on titles, costs and potential returns or investment yields.

Land Subdivision

Some ideas may require subdivision of land.  As experts in this field, we can advise you on how many subdivisions to make and what titles may be best suited to your development. Once you have signed off on your plan, we will take care of any subdivision applications so we can get your project up and running in a timely manner.

building Design and Planning

Design and planning are a key stage required to turn your building plans into reality.  Bring us your own design or let us create a building design for you.  Our expert team of architects, building designers, planning specialists and engineers will create all the necessary drawings and applications to get your building started.

Our experts in council planning will ensure your buildings are compliant with the latest development plan for the area in which you are building and will design your site according to the policy area and allocated zone.  Once your design is finalised, it will then be submitted to Council for the necessary approvals.

If you already have your building design, we can manage the approval phase and make any necessary amendments to secure an optimal planning outcome.

There are two stages of approval required before construction can commence.


council Planning Approval

Council will have a look at the basic design, plans and elevations to ensure that everything fits in with the character and style designated for an area.  They also ensure that the design reflects the areas development plan.  Once the design is accepted, your plans are then submitted for development approval.

building Development Approval

The second stage of planning approval is development approval, and this is the stage that requires all of the technical details of the build to be specified such as engineering drawings, timber and truss layouts and calculations.

To fast-track this process Pellegrino Constructions handle all development approvals through a Private Certifier.   We fully appreciate the need to move projects through planning quickly and using a Private Certifier we can dramatically reduce approval times from what may be 3 months in council to approximately 2 weeks using a Private Certifier.  Private Certifiers inspect the project before, during and on completion to ensure it complies with approved building plans and standards.

Construction – Fixed Price Building Contracts

As expert builders in Adelaide, Pellegrino Constructions can build your dream home or development.  When you sign a contract with us, you have the peace of mind of a fixed price contract so there are no nasty surprises.  We take on all the responsibility for building your home to our exacting quality standards, on time and on budget. We provide a detailed building document which clearly sets out and specifies everything that is part of the build.  This type of building agreement is also known as a Head Contractor Agreement.

We pride ourselves on making the whole building process with us both easy and enjoyable.  If you are building an investment home or developing a site in Adelaide, we can give you a full turnkey building solution which includes landscaping, driveways and staging furniture, fixtures and fittings.  We can help put together colour schemes and advise on interior décor and selections.

We understand that when building or developing a site, especially one with multiple dwellings that time is money.  You can rest assured that there will be no costly overruns for you to bear as we offer a fixed price and a fixed timeline on your building project.

Building Project Management in adelaide

Not everybody wants or needs a turnkey solution such as that provided by a Head Contractor agreement. If you want to be more involved and specify your own trades and contractors, we are happy to take on a project management role for your construction project.  This is a fee-based service that allows us to manage the project timeline and costs.   We supervise the site, sequence the construction process, sign off on the works, and procure the sub-contractors recommended by the client, so you can relax and let us take care of the hard work.

Commercial Fitout and Refurbishment

As a trusted construction partner, Pellegrino Constructions has completed many commercial constructions in Adelaide CBD and across South Australia. We can provide a full turnkey solution taking you from concept to completion. We listen to your requirements and work closely with you to provide the optimum solution.  We offer a complete design and construct service, workplace planning, interior designs, furniture/facilities specifications, project management and installation to meet the specific requirements of your office, shop or restaurant.

Site Clearance, Excavation and Soil Removal

Site clearance is a vital precursor to construction projects.  It entails preparing the site for construction which includes demolition of any buildings or houses, removal of trees, vegetation, hazardous substances as well as removing the top surface of the soil which is unsuitable for building upon.  Pellegrino Constructions has its own trusted site clearance team who are fully equipped with the latest hi-tech machinery to ensure your site is efficiently prepared and construction ready.