Christies Beach

Project Type – Concepts, design, planning, demolition and construction of multiple dwellings

Stakeholder – Multiple Property Investors working together

This project involves demolition of one of two homes that backed onto each other in order to make way for the construction of 8 two storey townhouses.

The homeowners banded together to release the capital value in their homes and decided to build eight additional homes on the land and renovate one of the existing properties.

Pellegrino Constructions has been involved from the concept stage of the project and has completed the design, planning and demolition phases. Pellegrino Construction is currently midway through the build, which is due to be completed by January 2019.

These properties will be kept as rental investments, but it is believed that the owners may look to sell the two properties that front the main road if the market conditions look favourable at the time of completion.